Class MatePairStoreElement
Represents a mate pair.

Defined in  
Signature template <[typename TSpec]> struct MatePairStoreElement;

Template Parameters

TSpec The specializing type.

Member Function Overview

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Detailed Description

A mate pair consists of two reads sequences from opposite ends of the same fragment. The insert size of a mate pair is the inferred size of the fragment.

Member Functions Detail



Initialize all member values to INVALID_ID.

Interface Metafunctions Detail


Returns the id type to use for MatePairStoreElement.

Template Parameters

TMatePairStoreElement The MatePairStoreElement specialization to get the id type for.


Type The resulting id type.

Member Variables Detail

TId MatePairStoreElement::INVALID_ID

Constant to represent an invalid id.

TId MatePairStoreElement::libId

Refers to a library in the libraryStore or is INVALID_ID if the mate pair has no library.

TId[2] MatePairStoreElement::readId

Refers to two paried reads in readStore or is INVALID_ID values.