Class Matrix
A simple n-dimensional matrix type.

Defined in <seqan/align.h>
Signature template <typename TValue[, unsigned DIMENSION]> class Matrix;

Template Parameters

TValue Type of matrix entries.
DIMENSION Dimension of the matrix. Use 0 for n-dimensional, values > 0 for a matrix with DIMENSION dimensions. Defaults to 0.

Member Function Overview

Interface Function Overview

Member Functions Detail

TMatrix Matrix::operator+(lhs, rhs);

Sum operator for the Matrix type.


lhs First summand.
rhs Second summand.


TMatrix The resulting matrix of same type as lhs and rhs.

Interface Functions Detail

void resize(matrix[, val]);

Resize the matrix and fill it with a given value or zeroes.


matrix The Matrix to fill.
val The optional value to fill the matrix with.

TMatrix transpose(matrix);

Tranpose a 2D Matrix.


matrix The matrix to tranpose.


TMatrix The resulting tranposed matrix.