Class ProfileChar
Alphabet type for profiles over another alphabet.

Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature template <typename TValue[, typename TCount[, typename TSpec]]> class ProfileChar;

Template Parameters

TValue The underlying alphabet type.
TCount The type to use for counting, default: unsigned int.
TSpec Specialization tag, default: void

Interface Metafunction Overview

Member Variable Overview

Interface Metafunctions Detail


Returns underlying value for ProfileChar.

Template Parameters

T Type to query.


Type The type of the underlying character.


typedef ProfileChar<Dna5>               TProfileChar;
typedef SourceValue<TProfileChar>::Type TType;  // Is Dna.


Number of different values a value type object can have.

Template Parameters

T The type to query.


VALUE Number of different values T can have.

Member Variables Detail

VariableType ProfileChar::count[]

Array of ValueSize elements, giving counts in profile.