Class ToStdAllocator
Emulates standard conform allocator.

Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature template <typename THost, typename TValue> class ToStdAllocator;

Template Parameters

TValue Type of allocated items.
THost Type of the host allocator object.This object is used to call allocate and deallocate.

Interface Function Overview

Detailed Description

The member functions allocate and deallocate of ToStdAllocator call the (globale) functions allocate and deallocate, respectively. The globale functions get an allocator object as their first arguments. This allocator object is not the ToStdAllocator object itself, but the host object that was given to the constructor.

Interface Functions Detail

THost host(allocator);

The object a given object depends on.


allocator The allocator to query.


THost The host object.




host The host object that is used as allocator for allocate and deallocate.