Class Tuple
A constant-size tuple of the same type.

All Subcl's BitPackedTuple
Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature template <typename TValue, unsigned SIZE[, typename TSpec]> class Tuple;

Template Parameters

TValue The value that the tuple should be over.
SIZE The number of entries in the tuple.
TSpec Specialization tag, optional; defaults to void.

Member Function Overview

Interface Metafunction Overview

Member Functions Detail

TValue Tuple::i[SIZE];

Array of tuple value.

The array of the tuple's values.

Interface Metafunctions Detail


Return the length of a tuple.

Template Parameters

TTuple The tuple to query for its length.


VALUE The length of the tuple.


Return the value type of a tuple.

Template Parameters

TTuple The tuple type to query for its value type.


Type The resulting value type.