Class VcfIOContext
The I/O context to use for VCF I/O.

Defined in <seqan/vcf_io.h>
Signature class VcfIOContext;

Member Function Overview

Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

VcfIOContext objects store the names of (and provide a cache for) reference and sample names. StringSet of CharString are used for the name stores.

Member Functions Detail

VcfIOContext::VcfIOContext(); VcfIOContext::VcfIOContext(sequenceNames, sampleNames);


Default constructor or construction with references to sequence and sample names.

Member Variables Detail

TNamesPtr VcfIOContext::sampleNames

Names of the samples, pointer to StringSet of CharString.

TNameStoreCache VcfIOContext::sampleNamesCache

Name store cache for the sample names, NameStoreCache of CharString.

TNamesPtr VcfIOContext::sequenceNames

Names of the reference sequences, pointer to StringSet of CharString.

TNameStoreCache VcfIOContext::sequenceNamesCache

Name store cache for of the reference names, NameStoreCache of CharString.