Concept AssignableConcept
A type with an assignment operator.

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Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature Assignable<T>

Detailed Description

Expects instances of type T to be assignable into each other.

Valid Expressions

a = b;  // a, b are of type T

See Also

Member Function Overview

Interface Function Overview

Member Functions Detail

T & T::operator=(T const & other);

C++ built-in assignment operator.

The C++ standard requires the assignment operator to be a member function.

Interface Functions Detail

void assign(target, source);

Assigns one object to another object.


target Reference to assign to.
source Value to assign.

Assign value of source to target.

void move(target, source);

Hands over content from one object to another object.


target Where to move source to.
source What to move to target.

The default implementation will call assign and classes implementing AssignableConcept can override move to provide a more efficient implementation.

set(target, source);

Assigns one object to another object avoiding to copy contents.


target Reference to the set to source.
source Value to set to target.

The default implementation copies. Types implementing AssignableConcept can implement more efficient variants.