Concept LessThanComparableConcept
A type that can be less-than compared.

All Subcl's ComparableConcept, FiniteOrderedAlphabetConcept, IntegerConcept, MutableRandomAccessIteratorConcept, MutableRootedRandomAccessIteratorConcept, OrderedAlphabetConcept, RandomAccessIteratorConcept, RootedRandomAccessIteratorConcept, SignedIntegerConcept, UnsignedIntegerConcept
Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature LessThanComparable<T>

Detailed Description

Expects instances of type T to be comparable via operator<. Comparison operator must return a boolean convertible value. operator< must be a partial ordering.

Valid Expressions

a < b;


  • !(a < a) (irreflexivity)
  • !(b < a) => a < b (antisymmetry)
  • (a < b) && (b < c) => a < c (transitivity)

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Member Functions Detail

bool T::operator<(T const & other) const;

C++ built-in less-than comparison operator.