fn() cutNs
Cut out all masked sequences from a Dna5String.

Defined in <seqan/alignment_free.h>
Signature void cutNs(sequenceCut, sequence);


sequenceCut Dna5String similar to sequence with all Ns cut out.
sequence Masked DNA sequence.

Detailed Description

This function concatenates the nonmasked parts of the sequence, thereby changing the word content. If you want to remove the masked parts of a sequence without concatenation, use stringToStringSet.


Transform a masked DNA sequence into an unmasked sequences with all masked parts cut out

using namespace seqan;
Dna5String sequenceMasked =
Dna5String sequenceMaskedPartsRemoved;
cutNs(sequenceMaskedPartsRemoved, sequenceMasked);
// Print the masked sequence
// Print the sequence with the masked parts removed
// sequenceMasked =
// sequenceMaskedPartsRemoved =

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