fn() getBamTypeChar
Return char identifying the type of the argument type.

Defined in <seqan/bam_io.h>
Signature char getBamTypeChar<T>(); BamTypeChar<T>::VALUE

Template Parameters

T The type to query for its type char.

Detailed Description


Note that this function is defined for the __int16, __uint16 etc. but not for the types short, int etc. An exception are 8-bit characters/char, where it is defined for __int8, __uint8, and char unless char is equal to one of the other two types. This is important when used in setTagValue etc. since BAM gives type chars for printable characters, signed 8-bit numbers and unsigned 8-bit numbers.

If __int8 and __uint8 are not identical to char, we can make this decision from the type, otherwise we cannot and we will give the integer types a higher precedence.

In your programs, this should not make any difference, only the written SAM/BAM will differ.

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