fn() lowerBoundAlignedReads
Performs a binary lower bound search on read alignments.

Defined in <seqan/store.h>
Signature TIter1 lowerBoundAlignedReads(alignStore, value, sortTag); TIter2 lowerBoundAlignedReads(itBegin, itEnd, value, sortTag);


alignStore The sequence of AlignedReadStoreElement to be searched, e.g. alignedReadStore.
itBegin Iterator to the begin of the sequence to search.
itEnd Iterator to the end of the sequence to search.
value The value to search for.
sortTag Tag for selecting the member to compare by. See SortAlignedReadTags.

Return Values

TIter1 Iterator to the lower bound item. If TAlignStore is the type of alignStore then TIter1 is the result of Iterator<TAlignStore, Standard>::Type.
TIter2 Iterator to the lower bound item. Has the same type as itBegin and itEnd.

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