Fn<> Fibre
Type of a specific container member (fibre).

Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature Fibre<TObject, TSpec>::Type;

Template Parameters

TSpec Tag to specify the fibre. Types: IndexEsaFibres, FMIndexFibres, QGramIndexFibres, WOTDIndexFibres, WaveletTreeFibres, RightArrayBinaryTreeFibres, RankDictionaryFibres, SentinelRankDictionaryFibres
TObject The container type. Types: Index, RankDictionary, SparseString, CompressedSA

Return Values

Type Fibre type.

Detailed Description


Some containers, such as the Index or the RankDictionary, can be seen as a collection of tables. However, each table alone is just a collection of information. They only become powerful if used together. Therefore, a more appropriate label for the tables is fibre, like the fibres of a rope.

In addition, sometimes a fibre can be a single value and calling it a table would be misleading.