Fn<> SAValue
The default alphabet type of a suffix array, i.e. the type to store a position of a string or string set.

Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature SAValue<TObject>::Type;

Template Parameters

TObject A string, string set, or index type. Types: String, StringSet, Index

Return Values

TReturn A type to store a position.If TObject is a String, it is a single integer value. By default this is the Size type of TObject.If TObject is a StringSet, it could be a single integer too (called global position, see ConcatDirectStringSet) or a Pair (called local position, see OwnerStringSet). Currently SeqAn defaults to a local position for StringSet classes (index_base.h).

Detailed Description


If TObject is an Index, Position returns the same value as SAValue. You can change the position type of an index by overloading SAValue, not Position.

SAValue is the return type of various functions, e.g. position for the Index Finder class, getOccurrence, getOccurrences, getOccurrences etc. You should always use the type of this meta-function to store the return values. If you want to write algorithms for both variants (local and global positions) you should use the functions posLocalize, posGlobalize, getSeqNo and getSeqOffset.


The following code snippet demonstrates the usage of SAValue.

template < typename TString, typename TSpec >
struct SAValue< StringSet<TString, TSpec> > {
	typedef Pair<
		typename Size< StringSet<TString, TSpec> >::Type,
		typename SAValue<TString>::Type,
	> Type;

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