Group Graph Iterator Tags
Tags that can be used to get iterators on graphs.

Grouped Tags Overview

Grouped Tags Detail

typedef Tag<AdjacencyIterator_> const AdjacencyIterator;

Iterate over all adjacent vertices of a given vertex.

typedef Tag<BfsIterator_> const BfsIterator;

Iterate over all vertices of a graph in breadth-first fashion starting from a given vertex.

typedef Tag<DfsPreorder_> const DfsPreorder;

Iterate over all vertices of a graph in depth-first fashion.

typedef Tag<EdgeIterator_> const EdgeIterator;

Iterate over all edges of a graph.

typedef Tag<OutEdgeIterator_> const OutEdgeIterator;

Iterate over all out edges of a vertex.

typedef Tag<VertexIterator_> const VertexIterator;

Iterate over all vertices of a graph.