Spec Bed12Record
BedRecord with 12 fields.

Extends BedRecord
All Extended BedRecord
Defined in <seqan/bed_io.h>
Signature template <> class BedRecord<Bed12>;

Member Function Overview

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Interface Function Overview

Interface Functions Inherited From BedRecord

Member Variable Overview

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Detailed Description

This BedRecord specialization stores all fields of a BED file.

Member Variables Detail

TIntString Bed12Record::blockBegins

The begin positions of the blocks (AllocString of __int32).

__int32 Bed12Record::blockCount

The number of blocks.

TIntString Bed12Record::blockSizes

The sizes of the blocks (AllocString of __int32).

__int32 Bed12Record::itemRgb

RGB color of item (BedRgb).

__int32 Bed12Record::thickBegin

The begin position of thick drawing.

__int32 Bed12Record::thickEnd

The end position of thick drawing.