Spec Bottom Up Iterator
Iterator for an efficient postorder depth-first search in a virtual string tree.

Extends VSTreeIterator
Implements ForwardIteratorConcept
All Extended Iter, VSTreeIterator
All Subcl's MaxRepeatsIterator, MultiMemsIterator, MumsIterator, SuperMaxRepeatsFastIterator, SuperMaxRepeatsIterator
All Impl'd CopyConstructibleConcept, DefaultConstructibleConcept, EqualityComparableConcept, ForwardIteratorConcept, InputIteratorConcept, IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept
Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature template <typename TIndex, typename TSpec> class Iter<TContainer, VSTree< BottomUp<TSpec> > >;

Template Parameters

TSpec The specialization type.
TIndex Type of the container that can be iterated.

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Detailed Description


Instead of using the class Iter directly we recommend to use the result of the metafunction Iterator<TContainer, BottomUp<TSpec> >::Type (which is Iter<TContainer, VSTree<BottomUp<TSpec> > >).

Member Functions Detail

Iter::Iter(index); Iter::Iter(iterator);



index An index object.
iterator A Bottom Up Iterator.

If not copy-constructed the BottomUpIterator starts in the first DFS node, which is the left-most leaf of the virtual string tree.

Interface Functions Detail

void goBegin(iterator);

Iterates to the first position of a container.


iterator Object that iterates through.

This function is equivalent to iterator = begin(container).

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