Spec CharArrayStream
Thin wrapper around char * to the StreamConcept concept.

Extends Stream
All Extended Stream
All Impl'd StreamConcept
Defined in <seqan/stream.h>
Signature template <typename TPointer> class Stream<CharArray<TPointer> >;

Template Parameters

TPointer Specification of the pointer type to work on.

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Detailed Description


This class consists of the char *, another char * to the beginning of the array and a flag signifying EOF.

Note that this is a bounded string variant and might have some performance problems.


Create a Char Array Stream from a CharString.

CharString buffer = "This is a text.";
Stream<CharArray<char const *> > stream(&buffer[0], &buffer[0] + length(buffer));

Member Functions Detail

CharArrayStream(ptr, ptrEnd);



ptrEnd The char * that works as the end of the stream.
ptr The char * that works as the beginning of the stream.