Spec ConcatDirect StringSet
Owner StringSet implementation that stores strings in one large underlying string.

Extends OwnerStringSet
All Extended OwnerStringSet, StringSet
All Impl'd AssignableConcept, ContainerConcept, DestructibleConcept, ForwardContainerConcept, RandomAccessContainerConcept, ReversibleContainerConcept, SegmentableConcept, SequenceConcept, TextConcept
Defined in <seqan/sequence.h>
Signature template <typename TString> class StringSet<TString, Owner<ConcatDirect> >;

Template Parameters

TString The type of the string to store in the string set.

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Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

Storing multiple strings in one larger one with storing the positions between strings leads to a very compact representation with a predictable memory layout.

At the moment, ConcatDirect StringSet objects only support appending data.

Member Variables Detail

TConcatenator ConcatDirectStringSet::concat

The concatenation string. Concatenates all sequences of the StringSet without gaps.