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Outputs tuples of the tupleLen consecutive elements of the input stream.

Extends Pipe
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Defined in <seqan/pipe.h>
Signature template <typename TInput, unsigned TUPLE_LEN, bool OMIT_LAST> class Pipe<TInput, Tupler<TUPLE_LEN, OMIT_LAST> >;

Template Parameters

OMIT_LAST Omit half filled tuples. If true, the output stream is tupleLen-1 elements shorter than the input stream. If false, the lengths are identical and the last tuples are filled with blanks (default constructed elements) for undefined entries.
TInput The type of the pipeline module this module reads from.
TUPLE_LEN The tuple length.The tuples contain elements in[i]in[i+1]...in[i+(tupleLen-1)].

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Detailed Description

The output type is a Tuple of input elements and length tupleLen (i.e. Tuple<Value<TInput>::Type, tupleLen>).

The tuples are sequences of the form in[i]in[i-1]in[i-2]..in[i-tupleLen+1]. For omitLast=false i begins with 0 and for omitLast=true i begins with tupleLen-1.