Spec ExactFragment
A type for ungapped, pairwise segment matches.

Extends Fragment
All Extended Fragment
Defined in <seqan/graph_types.h>
Signature template <[typename TSize[, typename TSpec]]> class Fragment<TSize, ExactFragment<TSpec> >;

Template Parameters

TSize The size type of the underlying sequence. Default: Size<CharString>Type.
TSpec Specializing type. Default: ExactFragment<>.

Member Function Overview

Interface Function Overview

Interface Functions Inherited From Fragment

Member Functions Detail

Fragment::Fragment(); Fragment::Fragment(seqID1, beg1, seqID2, beg2, l);



seqID1 ID of the first sequence. Type: TId.
beg1 Begin position of segment match in first sequence. Type: TSize.
seqID2 ID of the second sequence. Type: TId.
beg2 Begin position of segment match in second sequence. Type: TSize.
l The length of the segment match. Type: TSize.