Spec Generic CyclicShape
CyclicShape initiated at runtime.

Extends CyclicShape
All Extended CyclicShape
Defined in <seqan/modifier.h>
Signature template <> class CyclicShape<GenericShape>;

Template Parameters

TSize Size type of the CyclicShape

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Detailed Description

Generic Shapes can be easily created using stringToCyclicShape, but their usage comes with a significant loss in efficiency. For longer sequences, prefer the FixedCyclicShape.


#include <seqan/file.h>
#include <seqan/modifier.h>

using namespace seqan;

int main(int argc, char const ** argv)
    // create a (generic) CyclicShape
    typedef CyclicShape<GenericShape> TShape;
    TShape shape;
    stringToCyclicShape(shape, "1110010");

    // print cyclic Shape
    CharString out;
    cyclicShapeToString(out, shape);
    std::cout << "shape: " << out << std::endl;

    // determine weight and span
    std::cout << "weight: " << weight(shape)
    << ", span: " << shape.span << std::endl;

    // modify a text to leave out characters
    CharString str = "this is an original string";
    ModifiedString<CharString, ModCyclicShape<TShape> > modStr (str, shape);

    // modStr can be used like a normal String
    std::cout << str << " => " << modStr << std::endl;
    std::cout << "length: " << length(str) << " => " << length(modStr) << std::endl;

    return 0;

The output is as follows:

shape: 1110010
weight: 4, span: 7
this is an original string => thii anrgin tri
length: 26 => 15

See Also

Member Functions Detail

CyclicShape(); CyclicShape(shape);

The constructor


shape A GenericCyclicShape to be copied.

The default constructor generates the pattern "1". The copy constructor copies the GenericCyclicShape shape.

    typedef CyclicShape<GenericShape> TShape;
    TShape shape;
    stringToCyclicShape(shape, "00111001010");


If you want to generate a GenericCyclicShape from a FixedCyclicShape, use cyclicShapeToString and stringToCyclicShape

Interface Functions Detail

void stringToCyclicShape(shape, bitmap);

Converts a 0/1 string to a Generic CyclicShape.

Template Parameters

TString A string type, e.g. CharString.


shape Generic CyclicShape
bitmap 0/1 string of type TString. CyclicShapes may start and end with zeros, but must contain at least one 1.

Member Variables Detail

String<TSize> GenericCyclicShape::diffs

Distances between care positions.

diffs has weight many non-zero entries describing the size of the gap after a care-position. The last entry holds the cyclic distance from the last "1" to the first one.