Spec GzFileStream
Allows to open gzip-compressed files.

Extends Stream
All Extended Stream
All Impl'd StreamConcept
Defined in <seqan/stream.h>
Signature template <> class Stream<GZFile>;

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Detailed Description

This is only available if SEQAN_HAS_ZLIB is set to 1.

Not copy constructable.

Member Functions Detail

Stream::Stream(); Stream::Stream(gzFile);



gzFile A gzFile to wrap.


When gzFile is given then the GZFileStream object does nto own the underlying gzFile and will serve as a simple wrapper. The underlying file is not closed when the GzFileStream object is destroyed.

Interface Functions Detail

bool isDirect(gzStream);

Query a GzFileStream for being "direct."


gzStream The GzFileStream to query.


bool true indicates that the file is opened uncompressed ("direct").


GzFileStream objects can also open uncompressed files (at a possible performance cost). Such functionality is provided directly by zlib.