Spec ModCyclicShape ModifiedString
A string leaving out don't-care-positions defined in CyclicShape.

Extends ModifiedString
All Extended ModifiedString
All Impl'd AssignableConcept, ContainerConcept, DestructibleConcept, ForwardContainerConcept, RandomAccessContainerConcept, ReversibleContainerConcept, SequenceConcept
Defined in <seqan/modifier.h>
Signature template <typename THost, typename TSpec> class ModifiedString<THost, ModCyclicShape<CyclicShape<TSpec> > >;

Template Parameters

THost The host string.
TSpec The specialization of CyclicShape.

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Detailed Description


ModCyclicShape Modifier should only be used to view/read a sequence, never to change the underlying sequence. Some operations will work, e.g. you can use the operator*() of the ModifiedIterator to change a character, but other operations like replace or append are unsafe or even conceptionally wrong.

Applies a CyclicShape to a string. The resulting modified string skips don't-care positions and can thus be shorter than the original string. Of course the underlying string is not changed by the modifier.


Use case for GenericCyclicShapes:

    typedef ModifiedString<CharString, ModCyclicShape<TShape> > TModString;

    CharString str = "das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus";
    TModString modStr (str, shape);

    std::cout << str << " => " << modStr << std::endl;

Use case for FixedCyclicShapes:

    typedef ModifiedString<CharString, ModCyclicShape<TShape> > TModString;

    CharString str = "das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus";
    TModString modStr (str);

    std::cout << str << " => " << modStr << std::endl;

See Also

Interface Functions Detail

TIterator end(modStr[, tag]);

Returns an iterator to the end of the container.

Template Parameters

TIterator ModCyclicShape Modified Iterator to be returned.


modStr ModCyclicShape Modified String.
An optional tag for selecting the type of the iterator. One of Standard and Rooted. When left out, DefaultGetIteratorSpec of modStr is used.


Iterator to the end of the container, the type is selected by #Fn<>ContainerConcept#Iterator with the given (or default) tag.

The end iterator is not guaranteed to be at position length(modStr), where a standard iterator ends. Due to the jumping-tequniche of ModCyclicShape Modified Iterator, the end iterator is set to the first care position after the end of the string. The invariant is: host(end(modStr)) >= end(host(modStr)) where the the larger or equal operator refers to the position in the sequence.

If for some reason you use the host iterator to check an end condition, make sure you use for(...; host(modIter) >= end(host(modStr)); ...) instead of for(...; host(modIter) != end(host(modStr)); ...) .

Interface Metafunctions Detail

Cargo<ModifiedString<THost, ModCyclicShape<CyclicShape<TSpec> > > >::Type;

Cargo of ModCyclicShape ModCyclicShape Modified Iterator and ModCyclicShape Modified String.

Template Parameters

THost Host container of ModifiedString.
TSpec Specialization of CyclicShape.


Cargo type of ModCyclicShape Modified String is the CyclicShape itself.