Spec OpenAddressingQGramIndex
A q-gram that uses open addressing hashing instead of an array.

Extends IndexQGram
All Extended Index, IndexQGram
Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature template <typename TIndex, typename TShapeSpec> class Index<TText, IndexQGram<TShapeSpec, OpenAddressing> >;

Template Parameters

TText The text type.
TShapeSpec The Shape specialization type.

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Detailed Description

This index uses a non-trivial hashing for mapping q-gram hash values to buckets. This reduces the sizes of bucket directories (QGramDir, QGramCountsDir fibres) from Σq to min(α · n, \Sigmaq), for a load factor α > 1. A bucket still stores occurrences (or counts) of the same q-gram, but in contrast to the IndexQGram index, buckets are in random order due to the hashing.

Member Variables Detail

double OpenAddressingQGramIndex::alpha

Load factor. Controls space/time-tradeoff and must be greater 1. Default value is 1.6.