Spec PigeonholePattern
Pigeonhole-based pattern. Must be used together with PigeonholeFinder.

Extends Pattern
All Extended Pattern
Defined in <seqan/index/find_pigeonhole.h>
Signature template <typename THaystack, typename TSpec> class Pattern<TIndex, Pigeonhole<TSpec> >;

Template Parameters

TSpec Specifies the type of pigeonhole filter.
TIndex A q-gram index of needle(s) that should be searched for. Types: IndexQGram

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Detailed Description

See PigeonholeFinder for more information on the algorithm.

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Interface Functions Detail

TSize getMaxDeviationOfOrder(pattern);

Returns the maximal out-of-order distance of adjacent hits.


pattern A PigeonholeFinder.


TSize Returns the maximal distance two adjacent hits can have which are not in increasing order. TSize is the size type of the underlying index.

void maskPatternSequence(pattern, seqNo, enable);


Disabling sequences in the pigeonhole filter requires the ONE_PER_DIAGONAL heuristic.

Mask and unmask pattern sequence.


pattern The PigeonholePattern to update.
seqNo Index of the sequence to disable/enable.
enable A bool that indicates whether hits are to be generated for the given sequence.

Member Variables Detail

PigeonholeParameters PigeonholePattern::parameters

The pigeonhole parameters to use for configuration.