Spec ReducedAminoAcid
Reduced versions of the amino acid alphabet.

Extends SimpleType
All Extended SimpleType
All Impl'd AlphabetConcept, AssignableConcept, ComparableConcept, CopyConstructibleConcept, DefaultConstructibleConcept, EqualityComparableConcept, FiniteOrderedAlphabetConcept, LessThanComparableConcept, OrderedAlphabetConcept
Defined in seqan/reduced_aminoacid.h
Signature template <typename TReductionSpec> using ReducedAminoAcid = SimpleType<unsigned char, ReducedAminoAcid_<TReductionSpec> >;

Template Parameters

TReductionSpec Either Murphy10 or a specialization of ClusterReduction

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Detailed Description


The alias template is only available when SEQAN_CXX11_STANDARD is defined and your compiler supports alias templates (Visual Studio >= 2006-2014, any fairly recent Clang, GCC). Otherwise you have to use the underscored type and the full definition, i.e. SimpleType<unsigned char, ReducedAminoAcid_<TReductionSpec> >.

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