Spec Sampler
Outputs m-tuples beginning at a position of difference cover DC.

Extends Pipe
All Extended Pipe
Defined in <seqan/pipe.h>
Signature template <typename TInput, unsigned M[, typename TPack]> class Pipe<TInput, Sampler<M, TPack> >;

Template Parameters

TInput The type of the pipeline module this module reads from.
m The tuple size.
TPack Specifies the packing method of the tuples (void = no packing), default is Pack.

Member Function Overview

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Interface Function Overview

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Detailed Description

The output type is a Pair of size type and Tuple of input elements and length m (i.e. Pair<Size<TInput>::Type, Tuple<Value<TInput>::Type, m, TPack> >).

The first output field contains the number of remaining pipe elements. The m-tuple in the second field contains the first m elements of them. The m-tuples are substrings of the input stream beginning at positions i, with (n-i) mod m is element of the set DC (n is the input stream length).


The set {1,2,4} is represented by int DC[] = { 3, 1, 2, 4 }.

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