Spec SorterConfig
Configuration of Sorter.

Extends SorterSpec
All Extended Pool, SorterSpec
Defined in <seqan/pipe.h>
Signature template <typename TCompare[, typename TFile]> struct SorterConfig;

Template Parameters

TCompare The compare function (see STL's binary_function).
TFile The underlying File type, defaults to File<>.

Interface Function Overview

Interface Functions Inherited From Pool

Detailed Description

The requirement on TCompare are as follows: let comp be an object of type TCompare. comp(a, b) should return a value less, equal, or greater than 0 if a < b, a == b, or a > b.

Using this configuration spec., the Sorter's size type is Size<TFile>::Type. To use a custom size type SorterConfigSize should be used.

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