Spec StorePointsOnlyIntervalTreeNode
An IntervalTreeNode that stores only the relevant points in each node.

Extends IntervalTreeNode
All Extended IntervalTreeNode
Defined in <seqan/misc/misc_interval_tree.h>
Signature template <typename TInterval> class IntervalTreeNode<TInterval, StoreIntervals>;

Template Parameters

TInterval The Interval type to use.

Interface Metafunction Overview

Interface Metafunctions Inherited From IntervalTreeNode

Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

Only the end points of the intervals in the list sorted by endpoints (list2) and only the begin point of the interval list sorted by begin points (list1) are stored.

Member Variables Detail

TValue StorePointsOnlyIntervalTreeNode::center

Center of the interval.

TString StorePointsOnlyIntervalTreeNode::list1

Points with cargo sorted by the begin points.

TString StorePointsOnlyIntervalTreeNode::list2

Points with cargo sorted by the end points.