Spec VertexIterator
Vertex iterator for Graph.

Extends Iter
All Extended Iter
All Impl'd IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept
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Signature Iterator<TGraph, VertexIterator>::Type; template <typename TGraph, typename TSpec> class Iter<TGraph, GraphIterator<InternalVertexIterator<TSpec> > >;

Template Parameters

TGraph The graph to iterate the edges of.

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Interface Metafunctions Inherited From IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept

Detailed Description

The first signature is the signature of the corresponding graph's Iterator metafunction call. The second call is the internal definition of the type. You should always get this type using the metafunction call from the first signature.

Member Functions Detail

Iter::Iter(); Iter::Iter(iter); Iter::Iter(graph);



iter Other OutEdgeIterator to copy from.
graph The Graph to iterate vertices of.