Spec WildShiftAndPattern
Exact string matching with wildcards using bit parallelism.

Extends Pattern
All Extended Pattern
Defined in <seqan/find.h>
Signature template <typename TNeedle> class Pattern<TNeedle, WildShiftAnd>;

Template Parameters

TNeedle The needle type. Type: SequenceConcept.

Interface Function Overview

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Interface Metafunction Overview

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Detailed Description

The Shift-And algorithm is applicable to search small patterns in texts using small alphabets.

The supported wildcards are * (zero or more occurrence), + (one or more occurrences), ? (optional character), . (every character), character classes (e.g. [a-z]) and bounded repeats (e.g. {n,m}).

After the find-Method returned the Finder will point to the last position of the occurrence

We encourage the user to intialize the Pattern with a String<char> (setHost or the C'tor). If you use for instance String<Dna> instead you won't be able to specify wildcards.