Spec WordGraph
A special automaton that stores words instead of single characters along its edges.

Extends Automaton
All Extended Automaton, Graph
All Impl'd AssignableConcept, ContainerConcept, DestructibleConcept
Defined in <seqan/graph_type.h>
Signature template <[typename TAlphabet[, typename Spec]]> class Graph<Automaton<TAlphabet, String<TAlphabet>, WordGraph<TSpec> >;

Template Parameters

TAlphabet The alphabet type.
TSpec The specializing types.

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Interface Functions Detail

bool canParseString(a[, v], str);

Test whether an WordGraph can parse a string completely.


a The WordGraph to use for parsing.
v Optionally, the descriptor of the vertex to start at. Defaults to the root.
str The string to parse.


bool true if the WordGraph parses str , starting at v, completely and false otherwise.


This has not implemented yet.

TVertexDescriptor getSuccessor(a, v, str);

Gets the successor for a given vertex and an edge label.


a The WordGraph to query for its successor.
v The descriptor fo the vertex to get the successor for.
str The label.


TVertexDescriptor A vertex descriptor or nil if successor is not defined.

See Also

TVertexDescriptor parseString(a, v, beginIt, endIt); TVertexDescriptor parseString(a, v, str);

Parses a string one character at a time and moves accordingly in the WordGraph.


a An WordGraph.
v The descriptor of the vertex to start at.
str The SequenceConcept to parse.
beginIt Begin iterator to sequence to parse. Set to the first character that could not be parsed or to the value of endIt if all of the string was parsed.
endIt End iterator to sequence to parse.


TVertexDescriptor The vertex descriptor of the state that was reached after parsing.

The parsing stops before getSuccessor reaches the nil state or if the complete sequence is read.