SeqAn3 3.3.0-rc.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
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seqan3::sam_file_input_format< t > Member List

This is the complete list of members for seqan3::sam_file_input_format< t >, including all inherited members.

file_extensionsseqan3::sam_file_input_format< t >related
read_alignment_record(stream_type &stream, sam_file_input_options< seq_legal_alph_type > const &options, ref_seqs_type &ref_seqs, header_type &header, stream_pos_type &position_buffer, seq_type &seq, qual_type &qual, id_type &id, ref_seq_type &ref_seq, ref_id_type &ref_id, ref_offset_type &ref_offset, cigar_type &cigar_vector, flag_type &flag, mapq_type &mapq, mate_type &mate, tag_dict_type &tag_dict, e_value_type &e_value, bit_score_type &bit_score)seqan3::sam_file_input_format< t >related