Class BlastTabular
Support for Blast Tabular file formats (with and without comment lines)

Defined in <seqan/blast.h>
Signature typedef Tag<BlastTabular_> BlastTabular;

Detailed Description

There are three blast format related tags in SeqAn:

  • BlastReport with the FormattedFile output specialization BlastReportFileOut
  • BlastTabular with the FormattedFile output and input specializations BlastTabularFileOut and BlastTabularFileIn
  • BlastTabularLL which provides light-weight, but very basic tabular IO
  • This is the second tag, it offers high-level support for reading and writing NCBI Blast compatible tabular files, both with and without comment lines. These are the formats that are available in legacy Blast (blastall executable) with the parameters -m 8 and -m 9 (with comment lines) and in BLAST+ (blastx, blastn...) with the parameters -outfmt 6 and -outfmt 7 respectively.

    Please consult the documentation for BlastIOContext to understand the different options you have with this format.

    For very basic tabular IO there is the third tag, BlastTabularLL.

    The reference Blast implementation used for developing the SeqAn support is NCBI Blast+ 2.2.26 and NCBI Blast 2.2.26 for the legacy support.

    See BlastTabularFileIn for more information on file reading and BlastTabularFileOut for more information on file writing.