Spec Pizza & Chili String
String used by the Pizza & Chili indices.

Extends String
All Extended String
All Impl'd AssignableConcept, ContainerConcept, DestructibleConcept, ForwardContainerConcept, RandomAccessContainerConcept, ReversibleContainerConcept, SegmentableConcept, SequenceConcept, TextConcept
Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature template <typename TValue, typename TSpec> class String<TValue, PizzaChili<TSpec> >;

Template Parameters

TSpec Tag specifying the Pizza & Chili index library to use. Types: PizzaChiliIndexTags
TValue The value type, that is the type of them items/characters stored in the string.This type must be a simple type and it must hold that sizeof(TValue) == 1.

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Detailed Description

The string is lazy in the sense that it holds a reference to the compressed index structure it is associated with. Only when the text is actually read, the index is queried for the text. If only a substring is needed, this string tries to query only a substring.

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