SeqAn3 3.1.0
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
concept.hpp File Reference

Quality alphabet concept. More...

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namespace  seqan3
 The main SeqAn3 namespace.


template<typename alphabet_type >
using seqan3::alphabet_phred_t = decltype(seqan3::to_phred(std::declval< alphabet_type >()))
 The phred_type of the alphabet; defined as the return type of seqan3::to_phred. More...


Function objects (Quality)
constexpr auto seqan3::assign_phred_to = detail::adl_only::assign_phred_to_cpo{}
 Assign a Phred score to a quality alphabet object. More...
constexpr auto seqan3::to_phred = detail::adl_only::to_phred_cpo{}
 The public getter function for the Phred representation of a quality score. More...

Detailed Description

Quality alphabet concept.

Marie Hoffmann <marie.hoffmann AT>
Jörg Winkler <j.winkler AT>