SeqAn3 3.1.0
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
uint.hpp File Reference

Provides alphabet adaptations for standard uint types. More...

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struct  seqan3::custom::alphabet< uint_type >
 Alphabet specific customisations for unsigned integral types. More...


namespace  seqan3
 The main SeqAn3 namespace.
namespace  seqan3::custom
 A namespace for third party and standard library specialisations of SeqAn customisation points.

Detailed Description

Provides alphabet adaptations for standard uint types.

Hannes Hauswedell <hannes.hauswedell AT>

This file provides function and type trait overloads so that the following types fulfil the seqan3::alphabet:

  • uint8_t
  • uint16_t
  • uint32_t

You will likely not use these interfaces directly, they are, however, very helpful for conversions between other alphabets and between other alphabets and characters.

Note that uint64_t is absent from the list, because there is no corresponding character type.