SeqAn3 3.4.0-rc.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
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SeqAn is a research project and depends strongly on being correctly attributed. Please always cite the correct research papers when you develop software based on SeqAn. This will help us continue to acquire funding and improve the library.


SeqAn3 has not yet been published academically, for now cite SeqAn2:

Title The SeqAn C++ template library for efficient sequence analysis: A resource for programmers.
Year 2017
Authors Reinert, K., Dadi, T. H., Ehrhardt, M., Hauswedell, H., Mehringer, S., Rahn, R., ... & Urgese, G.
Journal Journal of biotechnology, 261, 157-168
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Certain compontents of SeqAn are published separately. If you make strong use of one of those compononts and/or specifically compare to that component, please cite the respective publication additionally.

Alignment module

Title Generic accelerated sequence alignment in SeqAn using vectorization and multi-threading.
Year 2018
Authors Rahn, R., Budach, S., Costanza, P., Ehrhardt, M., Hancox, J., & Reinert, K
Journal Bioinformatics, 34(20), 3437-3445
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Cite the above publication when you make strong use of the alignment module, in particular if you rely on the high-performance computing capabilities.

Search module

Title From theory to practice: Plug and play with succinct data structures.
Year 2014
Authors Gog, S., Beller, T., Moffat, A., & Petri, M.
Journal International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (pp. 326-337). Springer, Cham.
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Full text indexing in SeqAn3 makes use of the Succint data structure library (SDSL). Version 3 has not yet been published, for now cite SDSL-v2 (above).

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