SeqAn3 3.4.0-rc.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
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configuration Directory Reference
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 Meta-header for the search configuration module .
 Provides the default configuration for the seqan3::search() interface.
 Provides compatibility matrix for search configurations.
 Provides the configuration to define the hit strategies "hit_strata", "hit_all", "hit_all_best", "hit_single_best".
 Provides the configuration for maximum number of errors for all error types.
 Provides the error types for maximum number of errors.
 Provides seqan3::search_cfg::on_result.
 Provides the configuration for the content of the search result.
 Provides seqan3::search_cfg::parallel configuration.
 Provides seqan3::search_cfg::detail::result_type.
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