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input_stream_over Interface Reference

Concept for input streams. More...

#include <seqan3/io/stream/concept.hpp>

Related Symbols

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Requirements for seqan3::input_stream_over

You can expect these member types and the free function on all types that satisfy seqan3::input_stream_over.

std::basic_istream< char_type, traits_type > & operator>> (value_type val)
 (un)-formatted input operator for the respective type on the underlying stream.
typename stream::char_type char_type
 Declares the associated char type.
typename stream::traits_type traits_type
 Declares the associated traits type.
typename stream::int_type int_type
 Declares the associated int type.
typename stream::pos_type pos_type
 Declares the associated pos type.
typename stream::off_type off_type
 Declares the associated off type.

Detailed Description

Concept for input streams.

An object is an input stream if it inherits from the std::ios_base and supports the (un)formatted input function (operator>>) for a l-value of a given value_type. It further needs to define the public member types as described in the STD.

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ operator>>()

std::basic_istream< char_type, traits_type > & operator>> ( value_type  val)

(un)-formatted input operator for the respective type on the underlying stream.

valThe value to read from the stream.
A reference to a std::basic_istream<char_type, traits_type>.

The char_type and traits_type are inferred from the given istream.

This is a concept requirement, not an actual function (however types satisfying this concept will provide an implementation).

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