Sharg 1.1.2-rc.1
The argument parser for bio-c++ tools.
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1// SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2006-2024, Knut Reinert & Freie Universität Berlin
2// SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2016-2024, Knut Reinert & MPI für molekulare Genetik
3// SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
10#pragma once
12#include <string>
13#include <vector>
15#include <sharg/platform.hpp>
17namespace sharg
27 on,
28 off
111} // namespace sharg
Indicates whether application allows automatic update notifications by the sharg::parser.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:26
@ off
Automatic update notifications should be disabled.
@ on
Automatic update notifications should be enabled.
Provides platform and dependency checks.
Stores all parser related meta information of the sharg::parser.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:45
std::string email
The author's e-mail address for correspondence.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:63
std::vector< std::string > description
A more detailed description that is displayed on the help page in the section "DESCRIPTION"....
Definition auxiliary.hpp:97
std::vector< std::string > examples
Provide some examples on how to use your tool and what standard parameters might be appropriate in di...
Definition auxiliary.hpp:108
std::string short_description
A short description of the application (e.g. "A tool for mapping reads to the genome").
Definition auxiliary.hpp:57
std::string app_name
The application name that will be displayed on the help page.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:51
std::string version
The version information MAJOR.MINOR.PATH (e.g. 3.1.3)
Definition auxiliary.hpp:54
std::vector< std::string > synopsis
Add lines of usage to the synopsis section of the help page (e.g. "./my_read_mapper [OPTIONS] FILE1 F...
Definition auxiliary.hpp:102
std::string man_page_title
The title of your man page when exported by specifying "--export-help man" on the common line.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:87
std::string long_copyright
Detailed copyright information that will be displayed when the user specifies "--copyright" on the co...
Definition auxiliary.hpp:79
std::string url
A link to your github/gitlab project with the newest release.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:71
std::string short_copyright
Brief copyright (and/or license) information.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:74
std::string date
The date that the application was last updated. Keep this updated, ! since it will tell your users th...
Definition auxiliary.hpp:68
std::string author
Your name ;-)
Definition auxiliary.hpp:60
unsigned man_page_section
The man page section info (type man man on the command line for more information).
Definition auxiliary.hpp:90
std::string citation
How users shall cite your application.
Definition auxiliary.hpp:82
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