Sharg 1.1.2-rc.1
The argument parser for bio-c++ tools.
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sharg::parser_meta_data Struct Reference

Stores all parser related meta information of the sharg::parser. More...

#include <sharg/auxiliary.hpp>

Public Attributes

std::string app_name
 The application name that will be displayed on the help page.
std::string version
 The version information MAJOR.MINOR.PATH (e.g. 3.1.3)
std::string short_description
 A short description of the application (e.g. "A tool for mapping reads to the genome").
std::string author
 Your name ;-)
std::string email
 The author's e-mail address for correspondence.
std::string date
 The date that the application was last updated. Keep this updated, ! since it will tell your users that the application is maintained.
std::string url
 A link to your github/gitlab project with the newest release.
std::string short_copyright
 Brief copyright (and/or license) information.
std::string long_copyright
 Detailed copyright information that will be displayed when the user specifies "--copyright" on the command line.
std::string citation
 How users shall cite your application.
std::string man_page_title
 The title of your man page when exported by specifying "--export-help man" on the common line.
unsigned man_page_section {1}
 The man page section info (type man man on the command line for more information).
std::vector< std::stringdescription
 A more detailed description that is displayed on the help page in the section "DESCRIPTION". Each std::string appended to the description vector will be treated as a paragraph and is separated by a new line.
std::vector< std::stringsynopsis
 Add lines of usage to the synopsis section of the help page (e.g. "./my_read_mapper [OPTIONS] FILE1 FILE1").
std::vector< std::stringexamples
 Provide some examples on how to use your tool and what standard parameters might be appropriate in different cases (e.g. "./my_read_mapper -s 3 --my_flag path/infile1").

Detailed Description

Stores all parser related meta information of the sharg::parser.

You should supply as much information as possible to help the users of your application.

The meta information is assembled in a struct to provide a central access point that can be easily extended.

For a complete overview, take a look at Parser

This entity is stable. Since version 1.0.

Member Data Documentation

◆ app_name

std::string sharg::parser_meta_data::app_name

The application name that will be displayed on the help page.

The application name must only contain alpha-numeric characters, '_' or '-', i.e. the following regex must evaluate to true: \"^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+\$\\".

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