Class Specialization
Score Matrix
A general scoring matrix.
Score Matrix
Score<TValue, ScoreMatrix<TSequenceValue, TSpec> >
Include Headers
Type of the score values.
Default: int
Type of alphabet underlying the matrix.
Default: AminoAcid
Specialization of
DefaultFindBeginPatternSpecType of the default findBegin pattern specialization, given a score. (Score)
SequenceEntryForScoreReturns representation type for a character of a position in a sequence. (Score)
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator. (Score)
Member Functions
ScoreConstructor (Score)
alignmentEvaluationGiven a multiple alignment, this function calculates all kinds of alignment statistics. (Score)
bandedChainAlignmentComputes the best global pairwise alignment between two sequences given a non-empty seed chain. (Score)
buildAlignmentGraphBuilds an Alignment Graph from a set of input alignments. (Score)
globalAlignmentComputes the best global pairwise alignment. (Score)
globalAlignmentScoreComputes the best global pairwise alignment score. (Score)
globalMsaAlignmentComputes a global multiple alignment. (Score)
loadScoreMatrixLoad a score matrix from a file.
localAlignmentComputes the best pairwise local alignment using the Smith-Waterman algorithm. (Score)
matchRefinementRefines (i.e. cuts into smaller parts) a set of pairwise segment matches in such a way that none of the segments partly overlap. They are either identical (fully overlapping) or non-overlapping. (Score)
scoreReturns the score for aligning the entries entryH and entryV. (Score)
scoreGapScore for gaps. (Score)
scoreGapExtendScore for extending gaps. (Score)
scoreGapExtendHorizontalReturns the score for extending a gap in horizontal direction. (Score)
scoreGapExtendVerticalReturns the score for extending a gap in vertical direction. (Score)
scoreGapHorizontalReturns the score for a gap in horizontal direction. (Score)
scoreGapOpenScore for opening a gap. (Score)
scoreGapOpenHorizontalReturns the score for opening a gap in horizontal direction. (Score)
scoreGapOpenVerticalReturns the score for opening a gap in vertical direction. (Score)
scoreGapVerticalReturns the score for a gap in vertical direction. (Score)
scoreMatchMatch score. (Score)
scoreMismatchMismatch score. (Score)
sequenceEntryForScoreHelper function for element access, depending on score type. (Score)
setDefaultScoreMatrixSet the value of the given matrix to the default value.
setScoreSet the substitution score between two values.
setScoreGapSet gap opening and extension score. (Score)
setScoreGapExtendSet gap extension score. (Score)
setScoreGapOpenSet gap opening score. (Score)
setScoreMatchSet match score. (Score)
setScoreMismatchSet mismatch score. (Score)
splitAlignmentCompute split alignments. (Score)
sumOfPairsScoreGiven a multiple alignment, this function calculates the sum-of-pairs score. (Score)
writeWrite a score matrix to a stream.
Blosum30Blosum30 scoring matrix.
Blosum45Blosum45 scoring matrix.
Blosum62Blosum62 scoring matrix.
Blosum80Blosum80 scoring matrix.
Pam120Pam120 scoring matrix.
Pam200Pam200 scoring matrix.
Pam250Pam250 scoring matrix.
Pam40Pam40 scoring matrix.
Vtml200Vtml200 scoring matrix.
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