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writable_semialphabet Interface Reference

A refinement of seqan3::semialphabet that adds assignability. More...

#include <seqan3/alphabet/concept.hpp>

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Detailed Description

A refinement of seqan3::semialphabet that adds assignability.

This concept refines seqan3::semialphabet and adds the requirement to be able to change the value by assigning a value of the rank representation.

For a detailed overview of how the different alphabet concepts are related, see Alphabet module.


  1. t shall model seqan3::semialphabet
  2. seqan3::assign_rank_to needs to be defined for objects of type t

See the documentation pages for the respective requirements.

Related types

If a given type t models this concept, the following types typically do so, as well:

  • t &

const-qualified types on the other hand are not assignable.


Types that model the concept (and all refinements) can be serialised via SeqAn serialisation support. The rank value is (de-)serialised, types need not provide any overloads themselves.

This entity is stable. Since version 3.1.

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